topblue’s Nova produced by DDK

Head: currently 22 but still growing

weight: currently 100 but still growing

height: 24

UKC registered

DDK nova off Ghost face x Gianna has a great combo of blood bringing together the best of Ellis red weight pulling huge blood to the super thick DDk/red lion Blood.  This girl will produce huge athletic dogs not those short slow dogs but dogs that can work, move and do what dogs should be able to do..  watch out for this girls litters I promise you she will surprise you with what she can and will produce..

Star of TBK

Head size: 22 and still growing

weight: 92 and still growing

Height: 22

UKC registered

Parents: RBG’s Liger x BGK’s Big Sexy

Jewelz of TBK

Head size: 23 and still growing

Weight:  90 and still growing

height: 20

Registry: UKC

Jewelz just a pup her but she is already turning out to be a crazy built beautiful girl.. Energy is very a problem for this girl with one of the best temperaments ive seen.. thick as hell with super clean looks this girl has it all.  Another girl that is going to kill it here when added to the top notch blood and dogs we already have here.. watch out for this girl i think she is going to be one of the nicest looking girl around when she is mature….

Ryder of TBK


Head: 23

Registry: UKC


weight: 89 lbs

This girl right here is going to be an amazing add to are program here.  super thick with high drive and energy with super model looks.. she just has the look that makes you want to smile and say damnnn I want one just like that lolololol… with her pedigree being brought into are males here like Tank we will produce some super sized structured monsters for sure .. keep an eye on this girl she will be a serious problem..

Topblue’s Ember produced by DDK.


weight: growing
height: growing
head: growing
DDK General x DDK Nala female

This girl is turning out very nice so far, only 11 months old in the above pics. Thick as can be with the crazy drive that the red blood is known for. My prediction for this pup is 20 inches tall and approx. 105-120lbs of straight fire and energy. The blood of my blue dogs combine with this red blood is going to create some epic dogs for sure..


Topblue kennels is now offering obedience training for medium to xl dogs!!!!!!  need help controlling your dog?  give us a call for pricing and availability and we will try to help you with any problem your having with your animal…  845-391-1826



Head Size: 23 inch

Registered: W/ UKC

Weight:  85 lbs

Bloodlines: Grand daughter of the famous pokemon.  This girl is 18 inches at the shoulder with a 23 inch head!!!!  One of the best bully females I have seen in a long long time.  With a great temperament and crazy drive..



Sire: LowJack Remy-Martin

Sire: “PR” Remyline Zenstyles Pokemon 1

Dam: “PR” New Troijans Nyla

Sire: “PR” Titan Pits Hercules

Sire: “PR” Castro’s Bull23

Dam: “PR” WCC Unleashed a Savage Out

Dam: “PR” UKC’s Most Wanted Queen Diana

Sire: “PR” Maddlatinz Bone Crusher

Sire: Creekside’s Monster Magnus

Dam: Madd Latinz Blue Satin Sadie

Dam: “PR” Creekside’s Bella

Sire: “PR” Maddlatinz El Mero Mero

Dam: “PR” Creekside’s Heavy Duty Harley

Dam: “PR” Butthead Scandal

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