topblue’s Bear…


head size: still growing

weight: still growing

height: still growing

UKC Registered

Off Tank x Aja

This boy right here is going to be a super freak!!!!!  all the super sized monsters in Tank’s ped then add in all the RE, Butthead that the mother Aja has and you have a serious problem on your hands!!!!  this boy has the same coloring as his grandfather BGK’s Rock and is def going to have a  bully build on him.  watch out for this boy he is going to be a problem…

Rebel of C. pits

Head size: 24

weight: 110

height: 23

registered: ADBA

This red blooded boy even though he the ability to run and never stop he is just a big baby at heart..  Thick chest and rear that you know just comes from generations and generations of good breeding with great health.  This is one of the dogs that just lives health forever that never has any kind of issues what so ever..

zues of C. pits

Head size: 24.5

weight: 105

height: 23

This boy has that stand out color that you dont for get.  thick from head to toe and drive that will keep going long after you want to stop..  This boy is super sweet and loves everyone that he meets awesome temperament all the way around.  This boy may not be the biggest boy at the party but he sure has no problem standing with the big boys and can give them a run for their money..

BGK’s TopBlue TANK (BGK’s Cujo X BGK’s Deja)

Topblue kennels is now offering obedience training for medium to xl dogs!!!!!!  need help controlling your dog?  give us a call for pricing and availability and we will try to help you with any problem your having with your animal…  845-391-1826






Head size: currently 27 inches”                                                            

Weight : current weight 153-157 

DOB: 12/12/10

Reg: w/ UKC

Stud Fee/ 3 public breeding’s a year!! This boy will change the game when taken to the right female…  All females must be approved!!!







Bloodlines:Nothing but big here!! His sire is Cujo proven producer and son of the ROCK from BGK one of the biggest and best producers in the game period..  Now at 4 years old this boy hangs at the 153-157 lbs mark!!! The way this boy is growing I expect nothing less then 160 lbs but could be closer to the 165 lbs if he keeps growing the way he is now.  His sire was 107 lbs at 7.5 months and is now 142 lbs at approx. 2 yrs so his son has already passed his pops!  He is definitely taking after the big males in his bloodlines that’s for sure. Tank is a freak already, this monster is the biggest Cujo son to date and has already produced a litter of 8 that are turning out to be freaks themselfs..  This boy is open for stud. watch out for this freak he will be trouble… Blood lines are Gongkis Kon, O.G. Greyline, Gotti, and Watch dog.



Sire: “PR” Reyes Stone

Sire: Sunline’s Gladiator Rock

Dam: Sunline’s Blue Haze

Sire: “PR” BGK’s  CUJO

Sire: Iron Cross Tyson

Dam: “PR” Smith’s Jewelz

Dam:Iron Cross Blue Banshee

Sire: Royal Blood  King Lion

Sire: Iron Cross Iron Giant Disciple

Dam: Steelhead’s Giant Q-ball

Dam: BGK’s Deja

Sire:Iron Cross Iron Tyson

Dam: “PR” Smith’s Jewelz

Dam:Iron Cross Blue Banshee

Brutus of C. pits.

Head Size: 25.5

weight: 127

height: 23

This boy right here is one of the biggest Tri colors out there today!!!!!!  When you think of XL you always have your standard blue and red dogs but never do you see a heavy blood Tri color this big… This boy has produced many Tri color pups and has produced them with size..  Great drive, temperament and health you can go wrong having a boy like this..

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